Lifetime of memories in just a few words !!

Choosing the inscription on a headstone or memorial plaque can be more difficult than you imagine. It can seem almost impossible but once done can be a source of comfort whenever you visit the memorial.

Sometimes a loved one will leave behind instructions as to what they wanted on the stone. Other times it would be obvious what to say , “ta duck” or “may the force be with you always” or many other sayings that for a brief moment brings them back to life!!.

The inscription is a permanent tribute once set in stone its there forever. 

Below we will give you some examples of verses we hope will help or inspire you to come up with your own perfect tribute to last a lifetime.

handcutting a memorial

Tell us what you want to say and we will set it in stone forever.

Kevin, Doncaster Memorials

verse ideas for a headstone

Here's a few verse ideas

The following are some of the most commonly used memorial verses.

Always In Our Thoughts and Prayers

All Our Love Always

And Jesus Called Her / him To Heaven

A Faithful Friend A Husband Dear
A Tender Father Lies Here
In Love He Lived In Peace He Died
Life Was Desired That God Denied

A Light Is From Our Household Gone
A Voice We Loved Is Stilled
A Place Is Vacant In Our Home
Which Never Can Be Filled.

A Golden Heart Stopped Beating Hard Working Hands Now Rest
God Broke Our Hearts To Prove To Us
He Only Takes The Best

At Rest.

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart.

Deep In Our Hearts Their Memories We Keep.

Dear Husband Now My Life Is Past
You Faithful Loved Me To The Last
Grieve Not For Me But Pity Take
On My Dear Children for My Sake

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep
I Am Not There. I Do Not Sleep.
I Am A Thousand Winds That Blow.
I Am The Diamond Glints On Snow.
I Am The Sunlight On Ripened Grain.
I Am The Gentle Autumn Rain.
When You Awaken In The Morning’s Hush,
I Am The Swift Uplifting Rush
Of Quiet Birds In Circled Flight.
I Am The Soft Stars That Shine At Night.
Do Not Stand At My Grave And Cry;
I Am Not There. I Did Not Die.

Your Life A Beautiful Memory
Your Absence A Silent Grief

Each time I see your Picture
You seem to smile and say
Don’t cry I’m only sleeping
Will meet again someday

Forever In Our Thoughts

Farewell dear children our lives are past
We laboured hard until the last
Grieve not for us nor sorrow make
But love each other for our sake.

Gone But Not Forgotten.

Gone Are The Days We Used To Share
But In Our Hearts You’re Always There

God Saw You Getting Tired And A Cure Was Not To Be
So He Put His Arms Around You And Whispered Come To Me

His life a beautiful memory
his absence a silent grief

His Life Was Nobly Given


Re-United Forever

Resting Where No Shadows Fall.

So Sadly Missed Day By Day
But In Our Hearts You Will Always Stay

Thy Will Be Done

The Happy Times We Had Together
The Happy Days We Knew
Are Filled Again So Often
In Our Memories Of You

The Lord Is My Shepherd.

Time Passes Memories Stay
Quietly Remembered Every Day.

Two Faithful Friends Two Parents Dear

“Thoughts Return to Scenes Long Past
Years Roll On But Memories Last”

Through All The Tears And Heartache
There’s One Thing For Which I’m Glad
That You Chose Me To Share With You
Those Precious Years We Had

Till We Meet Again.

This tribute of respect sincere
I dedicate unto my father dear
Hoping to meet again in realms above
Where all is peace and happiness and love

Waiting for the Coming
Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We Made A Promise
Till Death Do Us Part
But When The Time Came
It Broke My Heart

With Patience To The
End He Did Submit
And Murmer’d Not
At What the Lord Thought Fit
His Soul and Body Both He Did Resign
Unto The Lord at His Appointed Time.

We Never Got To Say Goodbye
We Guess Its Just As Well
For We Could Never Say Goodbye
To One We Loved So Well

When I Woke This Morning
An Angel Said To Me
I Know You’re Missing Someone
Because I Have Her Here With Me
We Know You’re With The Good Lord Mum
Cos He Only Takes The Best
We Leave You In His Keeping
So You Can Have Your Rest

We Loved Him with an Everlasting Love

We Cry Because You Are Gone
But Smile Because Your Memory Lives On

When I Think Of All The Things You Did,
The Ways In Which You Cared,
I’m Filled With A Sense Of Gratitude,
And Peace That’s Always There.
I Never Took The Time To Say,
I’m Happy You’re My Dad,
So I’ll Tell You Now, What’s In My Heart;
You’re The Best Dad I Could’ve Had.



One Night A Man Had A Dream.
He Dreamed He Was Walking Along The Beach With The Lord.
Across The Sky Flashed Scenes From His Life.
For Each Scene He Noticed Two Sets Of
Footprints In The Sand: One Belonging
To Him, And The Other To The Lord.
When The Last Scene Of His Life Flashed Before Him,
He Looked Back At The Footprints In The Sand.
He Noticed That Many Times Along The Path Of
His Life There Was Only One Set Of Footprints.
He Also Noticed That It Happened At The Very
Lowest And Saddest Times In His Life.
This Really Bothered Him And He
Questioned The Lord About It:
“Lord, You Said That Once I Decided To Follow
You, You’d Walk With Me All The Way.
But I Have Noticed That During The Most
Troublesome Times In My Life,
There Is Only One Set Of Footprints.
I Don’t Understand Why When
I Needed You Most You Would Leave Me.”
The Lord Replied:
“My Son, My Precious Child,
I Love You And I Would Never Leave You.
During Your Times Of Trial And Suffering,
When You See Only One Set Of Footprints,
It Was Then That I Carried You

Life Is Uncertain Death Is Sure,
Sin the Wound and Christ the Cure

Loved and Remembered Always

Your Memories Are Dear Today As The
Hour You Passed Away

Your Presence We Miss,
Your Love We Treasure,
In Our Hearts You Will Stay Forever.

Only Goodnight My Beloved Not Farewell

In God’s Garden Of Memories  We Meet Every Day

In Heavenly Love Abiding

In Life So Dearly Loved
In Death A Precious Memory

Your Life A Beautiful Memory
Your Absence A Silent Grief

He Never Failed To Do His Best
His Heart Was True And Tender
He Simply Lived For Those He Loved
And Those He Loved Remember

Her end was peace.

He Lived For Those He Loved
And Those He Loved Will Remember.


Lettering colours


Most peoples choice for a headstone is traditional gold leaf. It shines in the sun and look excellent on black granite.  We often renovate old memorials and recomend gold for its durability.


White used to be the main option or black for a marble stone. But we use all kinds of colours now especiallly for childrens memorials. Pink, Blue , Red and even Purple if you would like.?


Leaded letters are very rare nowadays on new stones

Gilded (Gold)

Gold seize is applied into the cut letters which juts before it sets gold leaf is applied.


The colour of paint will be dependent on the stone colour  and type?. For Black stones the use of gold,white or silver are often used. if its marble or a lighter coloured granite then maybe more like a black, dark grey or navy blue letters.


Leaded are very rarely used any more unless adding to an old stone which the original was already done in lead.

Sandblasting, this is the most common way that memorial inscriptions are cut today. The inscription is designed using modern computer software, giving the letters a clean and sharp appearance.

Kevin Dixon


Frequently Asked Questions


Almost any font can be used. although some fonts are unsuitable if the letteres are small (ie: if on a plaque)


Roses, Cross’s and church windows are but a few designs which can be sandlasted into a memorial headstone.


Gold is the toughest colour we have at the moment, although white keeps its colour really well also. Silvers can sometimes dullen in sunlight.

Old Memorials

We can normally repaint old memorial letters and they will look like new once done.


A computer cuts the stencil once we have design the stone this is then stuck to the memorial and sandblasted.

How many words can i have..

This will depend on the size of the stone and how big you want the letters to be or stand out. Better to have less words but a nicer more readable size

Can i say anything

Within reason yes. Although some councils or vicars may not allow certains words like Dad or Mum / Mam for instance.

What if they arent buried there

Some will allow you to add a name to the stone, some may insist you add where they are scattered/buried if they are elsewhere.

Can i add words anywhere else

Yes the base is often used or an extra vase or on kerbs. Sometimes on the back of the stone if allowed.

Still not sure what to say!

We will help!

Just give us the basic information such as name dates and we will make a start on a plan to help you on your way!!