How to layout the wording on your memorial.

woman planning her memorial words

Where to start.

There’s no right or wrong way to layout the wording on your stone. However there are guidelines you can follow to make it a little easier. Heres a little guide we hope will help you a little if its hard for you to decide.



This is normally the first thing you put at the top of your memorial stone.

Below are a few examples of how to start a memorial inscription

    • In Loving Memory Of
    • Sacred To The Memory Of
    • Treasured Memories Of
    • In Ever Loving Memory Of
    • Most Treasured Memories Of
    • Cherished Memories Of
    • Grateful And Happy Memories Of
    • In Affectionate Remembrance Of
    • Here Was Interred The Body Of
    • Erected To The Memory Of
    • Dedicated To The Memory Of
    • Here Lie’th The Remains Of


    This is where you would put information about what they were ie: husband, dad, grandad that kind of thing so you might start off with the following


      • A Dearly Loved
      • A Much Loved
      • Our Kind And Loving
      • My Dear
      • A Loving
      • Much Loved
      • Dearest

    Wife, husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, grandad,
    grandma, mum, dad, mam, grandmother, grandfather, great grandfather,
    great grandmother, great grandad, great grandma


    The most important bit and often done in different ways

    First thing

    Sometimes we put it first before or instead of a heading.

    After relationships

    This way is the most popular as it seem to flow the best.

    After the heading

    This way often makes the most impact as it tells you straight away who it is for


    There’s normally 3 different parts to this the Born Date the Date of Death and the Age of the Deceased.

    • Passed Away
    • Died
    • Taken From Us
    • Fell Asleep
    • Who Died Peacefully On
    • Who Went Home On
    • Born

    You only normally have 2 of the 3 !!. (but if you want all 3 thats upto yourself.

    heres a few examples :-


    So we hope this has been some help to get you started with your wording please click below to access our online inscription help planner if you want to send us your words so we can do a plan for you to see.


    The average ammount used on a standard inscription

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