Reflections Collection
All fixings and lettering included (we are the only mason which includes lettering) if any memorials on this page haven't got prices please let us know and we will price for you the price may depend on the size you require. Any of the memorials below could be made with kerbs . .(extra lettering on kerbs will be chargeable)

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DM90 Alford
Headstone 39"x32"x4"

Base 6"x34"x12"

Bahama Blue 1050+vat .


DM120 Anderby
Headstone 30"x22"x3"

Base 3"x30"x12"

Glenaby Granite 725+vat .

Pitched Cross with polished
DM88 Askham
Headstone 35"x18"x4"
Base 7"x22"x9"
Baltic Green 1340+vat
Pitched Cross with polished

DM28 Auckland
Headstone 30"x24"x3"

Base 4"x30"x12"  black And Bahama Blue 770+vat


DM95 Bardney
Headstone 30"x28"x3"

Base 4"x30"x12"  Black Galaxy 1480+vat Black 1400+vat


DM85 Beck
Headstone 20"x26"x5"> 3"

Base 4"x30"x12" Emerald pearl 1050+vat

DM102 Berwick
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" M.P.White 825+vat .


DM114 Blyth
Headstone 28"x35"x4" Base 4"x36"x12"

Blue Pearl 1600+vat & bronze cross 240


DM115 Blyton
Headstone 28"x35"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Black 860+vat

DM103 Broughton
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Bahama Blue 760+vat


DM75 Brook
Headstone 34"x32"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Himalayan Blue 1250+vat


Lovely Layered Shell Shape

Fully Polished 2'8 high 1300 + vat

DM79 Clifton
Headstone 30"x16"x3" 30"x6"x3" Insert 2"x12"x9" Base 3"x33"x12" Kerala Green 790+vat reconstituted statue 240+vat


DM70 Clumber
Headstone 28"x35"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Twilight Red 1140+vat


DM71 Clumber Upright
Headstone 32"x26"x4" Base 4"x30"x12"

Blue Pearl 1290+vat

DM97 Coleby
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Kerala Green 845+vat


DM78 Dove
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 6"x28"x12" Pol/Pitched Paradiso 730+vat


DM109 Fordham
Headstone 31"x30"x4"

Base 4"x36"x13" Indian Black 1150+vat

DM73 Grange
Headstone 32"x26"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Raw Silk Granite 1160+vat


DM80 Hampstead
Headstone 28"x28"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Multicolour Red 1190+vat


DM107 Haygarth
Headstone 32"x35"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Amadeus Granite 1500+vat

DM99 Hayton
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Multicolour Red 860+vat


DM119 Headon
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Indian Black 690+vat


DM100 Jay
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 6"x34"x12" Aurora Stone 1300+vat

DM116 Kane
Headstone 27"x28"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Bahama Blue 775+vat


DM91 Kingfisher
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" South African Dark Grey 650+vat


DM117 Langold
Headstone 28"x35"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Indian Mohogany 1550+vat

DM105 Lound
Headstone 29"x21"x4"

Base 4"x24"x12" Himalayan Blue 840+vat & ( dove 90+vat )


DM84 Lumb
Headstone 33"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Himalayan Blue 960+vat


DM76 Middleham
Headstone 38"x24"x4"  2 Vases 6"x6"x6"

Base 4"x36"x12" Ruby Red 1700+vat

DM112 Monkton
Headstone 32"x32"x4"

Base 4"x34"x12" Black Granite 1300+vat


DM72 Morley
DM72 Morley Headstone 42"x27"x5"

Base 6"x33"x12" Twilight Red 1540+vat


DM25 Morven
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Indian Granite 605+vat

DM73 Grange
Headstone 32"x26"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Raw Silk Granite 1160+vat


DM104 Norske
DM104 Norske Headstone 28"x32"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Himalayan Blue 1425+vat


DM89 Oaks
Headstone 32"x34"x5"

Base 4"x36"x12" Kerala Green 1950+vat

DM111 Rasen
Headstone 30"x28"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Emerald Pearl 1100+vat


DM82 Redland
Headstone 32"x35"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Kerala Green 1350+vat


DM106 Richmond
Headstone 24"x17"x3"

Base 3"x18"x12" Silver Grey 435+vat

DM101 Rufford
Headstone 31"x26"x5"

Base 5"x30"x12" Galaxy 1950+vat


DM77 Serlby
Headstone 30"x24"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Blue Pearl 1320+vat


DM86 Shire
6"x36"x4" 2 Spacers 1"x5" 2 Columns 28"x4" 2 Bases 3"x6"x6" 32"x34"x3" 4"x36"x12" Kerala Green 2000+vat

DM98 Somerley
Cap 4"x34"x6" 1.25"x22"x7.50 4Spacers 1" 1.25"x22"x8.50 2-Columns 24"x 4" 1.25"x22"x9.50 2-Gates 23"x10/7/8"x2" Insert 32"x34"x3" Base 4"x36"x15"Headstone Imperial White and Regal Black 1600+vat


DM81 Southwell
Headstone 28"x32"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Emerald Pearl 1150+vat


DM92 Thoresby
Headstone 28"x35"x4"

Base 4"x36"x12" Ruby Red 1000+vat

DM118 Thorne
Headstone 27"x27"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Paradiso 860+vat


DM87 Tree Of Life
Headstone 36"x22"x6"

Base 6"x24"x8" Bahama Blue 1530+vat


DM113 Westgate
Headstone 27"x21"x3"

Base 3"x24"x12" Indian Black 580+vat

DM110 Wilton
Headstone 35"x24"x4"

Base 4"x28"x12" Indian Aurora 1600+vat


DM74 Wiseton
Headstone 33"x24"x3"

Base 3"x30"x12" Bahama Blue 670+vat


DM94 Woburn
Headstone 32"x26"x4"

Base 4"x30"x12" Kerala Green 880+vat

DM93 Wren
Headstone 30"x26"x4" Base 6"x30"x12" Aurora 1190+vat