What if you want to design your own stone...

At DONCASTER MEMORIALS  we have a specialist design team who can create almost anything you want. we take a lot of pride in our memorial designs and below we will show you some examples of ideas our customers had and how we helped them create a memorial tribute for both the customer and ourselves to be proud of .....
Kevin Dixon
Doncaster memorials

Train Set Memorial...

Firsty we got some rough ideas down. We knew we wanted a toy train set and track and then we thought what we could add to this like few trees a pond with a bench and a church.

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The main stucture required a kerbset with a cover slab for the train and the headstone to sit on.

The family decided the headstone would be a book so we left space for this as we did'nt know what style of book at this stage everything was granite the customer wanted blue pearl but the  train and other items had to stand out so we decided to make the trees a dark green, the church black and grey and the bench light grey this would make the train standout but not look silly
These pictures are of the train set in our workshop as we were trying them out together just to
make sure the angles of the track slotted up to each other.

The book needed to be a rustic mythical style book like an old disney storybook with wavy pages and edges to make it look old
below is the 1st time we set it all up in our workshop with the book, train and bottom slab also the added turned vases which are at the front the trees and church position arent going to be finalised until we get to the cemetery and see how things look.


Finished item