Childrens Memorials

Doncaster memorials are the leading mason when its comes to child stones we can make anything.
If you have asked for a specific character and been told it cant be done trust us it can.
we have made over 100 different child stones in the last few years alone many are below,
there are also some design plan drawings which we provide for the customer to help choose their memorial.

click the link below to go to our work gallery which shows many photos of stone we have made
Click here to view our childrens gallery

pingu memorial headstone

pitched edge pingu shaped memorial with relief lettering 1500+vat
bob the builder headstone
Bob The Builder memorial holding a shovel

Bob the builder kerbset 2750+vat

spiderman headstone
Spiderman headstone
black granite

DMC 1 Boo bear
Blue Pearl headstone With Carved Teddy 2'6 High 680 + vat
In Black 680+vat, Ruby Red 680+vat; all boo bears are carved on the back

DMC 2 Teddy
All Polished Teddy 2'6High 615 + vat

DMC 3 Loving Teddy
Bear Shaped Stone Holding Heart Shape Face
with Pitched Edges 2'6 High 490 + vat

Train & book set

7'x3' 5000+vat

Moon Design headstone
spiderman headstone
Spiderman headstone
black granite
Bart Simpson headstone
Bart simpson headstone

mario kart memorial
mario kart headstone
scooby doo headstone
scooby doo headstone
black granite
tardis doctor who headstone
Tardis headstone

teletubbies memorial
teletubbies headstone
teddy headstone
teddy headstone
black granite

DMC4 Bear Hug
24"x17"x9" 1800+VAT

DMC 5 Wildlife Scene
2' high in black or brazilian gold 630+vat

DMC 6 Eeyore
Bahama Blue 680+vat

DMC 7 Huggy Bears
32”x32” 1100+vat

DMC 8 Teddy
2'3 High In Black 980+vat

24" high emerald pearl 525 +vat

DMC 10
2' Black Granite Teddy

Clutching Heart Shape Stone 500+vat


DMC 11 Daisy
24"x24" All Polished Carved Daisy Shaped Memorial 1100+vat

DMC 13 Bobble Hat Teddy
RUBY RED 2'6x2'x3" 850+VAT

DMC 14 The Castleton
30” x 21” x 15” BLUE PEARL 2500+vat

DMC 15 The Elephant
27” x 22” x 3” head 3” x 30” x 12” base POL/RUSTIC GLENABY 790+vat

DMC 16 The Hammond
18”x18”x4” 2”x34"x22" rest 6” to 3"x8"x4” vase 8” x 8” x 8” Flat face heart A/P BAHAMA BLUE 775+vat Cushion heart A/P BAHAMA BLUE 850+vat

DMC 18 Pitched Teddy Bear
27” x 21” x 3” head 3” x 30” x 12” base POL/RUSTIC mahogany 800 + vat

Hand carved tigger design in granite 4000+vat

DMCK 1 Boo Bear With Kerbs
2'6 high headstone 4'x2' overall plan size 1300+vat

DMCK 2 Boo Bear With Kerbs
rounded front kerb 2'6 high headstone 5'x2' overall plan size 1400+vat

DMCK 3 Boo Bear With Kerbs
2'6 high headstone 4'x2' overall size 1300+vat

DMCK 4 Loving Teddy With Kerbs
2'6 high headstone 4'x2' overall plan size 1200+vat

DMCK 5 The Seaforth
24” x 24” x 3” 6” x 25” x 6” 2-kerbs 5” x 42” x 3” 1-kerb 5” x 24” x 3” 6” x 6” x 6” RUBY RED 1400 + vat



2' high 650+vat

2'3 high 675+vat


Tigger headstone
2'10 high 1200+vat


Iggle Piggle

Iggle pggle
2'10 high 2500+vat

 Iggle Piggle

 Carved iggle piggle character with rounded kerbs